Products and supplies

Cooling units according to the concept

  • compresor based cooling units
    • with HFC (hydrofluorocarbons)
    • with R717 (ammonia)
    • with natural refrigerants (especially R290 - propane)
  • absorption cooling systems (use of waste/cheap heat for cooling)

Cooling units according to the purpose of use

  • cooling liquids (food industry, ice rinks, HVAC)
  • cooled spaces (storage rooms, freezers, production halls, blast freezing, stop-proofers)
  • gas cooling (oil and gas production industry)

Air conditioning

  • flats and houses
    • split and multisplit air conditioning units
  • production spaces and halls

Heat pumps

  • for heating in flats and houses
  • for industry - use of waste heat (heat plants, bakeries etc.)